Safari Browser Now Requires Flash to be Manually Enabled.

Hello everyone,

As of the most recent update to the Safari browser the Flash Player which runs many of KIXEYE's games will have to be manually enabled before any content can load using that plug in. This process used to be handled automatically, and can be a bit tricky so we have put together a walkthrough for you here to help ease the process.

For Safari 10.0 and above

First: Open Safari, make sure you have a tab open to and then choose Safari > Preferences.


(If you are viewing Safari in full-screen mode, mouse over the top of the browser screen to see the menu.)

Next: Click the Security tab. Ensure that Enable JavaScript and Allow Plug-ins are selected. Click Plug-in Settings. Select the entry titled Adobe Flash Player.

Next: From the When visiting other websites menu, choose On, and then click Done.

Last:  For each website appearing in Currently Open Websites, choose On in the menu on the right. 


For Other Mac Operating systems:

For Mac OSX 10.8: Follow the same instructions as above, the only difference is you will not need to individually select websites once you have turned the "When Visiting Other Websites" Setting to On.

For Mac OSX 10.7 and 10.6: Follow the same instructions as above, the only difference is that you will not need to proceed past the second step. Once you have enabled Java Script and allowed other plug ins the process will be complete.


If you would like more detailed steps check out Adobe's Official tutorial for the process by following this link:

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